Where to buy a good 40watt diode laser?

Hi all. After nearly a year my 5.5watt blue diode laser has had its day. Refuses to cut and barely engraves. Im hoping someone can point me to where i can get a new u beaut 40 watt one. I know theyre not 40 watt output but im pretty sure theyre better than the 5.5 watt that shipped with my 3018 router.

In the moment aren’t any 40 W diodes on the market. The strongest diodes has around 7,5 W optical power. Neje has a 40 W module (15 W optical power). Inside are two 7,5 W diodes, which are coupled via a prism. All other 40 W modules has only one diode and are fakes.
Look for a NUBM44 diode. These are the strongest diodes at the moment.

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Thanks is the NUBM44 the one u just mentioned wih 2 7.5 watt lasers inside from Neje ?

Welche Diode Neje verbaut hat weiß ich nicht. Vielleicht mal bei Neje anfragen?