Where to find Passthrough

I have typed it into search and all of the answers i have read either say use passthrough or not depending on the question.
I have looked through the lightburn GUI but cannot find where to toggle passthrough on or off.
Can sombody tell where to find passthrough?

An image layer needs to be selected, double click on the layer and in the middle is “Image” > “Pass through.”

Thank you Patrick.
One more question. I have an image processed in imagr but there is no option for passthrough or any of the other dither stuki etc they are just not there when i open the layer. Is that normal because the image has already been processed? ( if i open a normal unprocessed image they are there).

Many thanks

Did you create a “New” file, then “Import” the image created from Imag-r? I did that, then double clicked on the layer and have the “Pass-through” option, if unchecked, I have the other imaging options, but to choose them seems wrong if Img-r has done the dithering. I will need to try this tomorrow.

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