Where to find Password?

Hi, I have a 6445 and am looking for the password. I have read in a few posts and have been told that RD8888 should work but it is not. Any ideas would be appreciated.

RD8888 is the default password. Can’t say off hand if it has to be caps or not, I’ve just always punched it in and it let me through to my vendor setting in RDWorks or into the programming in the controller. Are you going into it at the controller, or via RDWorks?

I’m at the controller.

Hmmm, should still work as long as you don’t put a space in between the letters and the number. I did that a few times by mistake typing it into RDWorks. Have you tried accessing it via RDWorks? Is this a new controller, or one you’ve had, or is it one from somebody else? I’ve never tried it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a previous owner / company changed the defaut to keep someone from messing with it.

i believe there is another password, but I think it automatically defaults the controller back to factory settings.

Default Ruida Password Candidates:

  • RD8888 / rd8888
  • HF8888 / hf8888
  • CC8888 / cc8888

Doesn’t one of the HF or CC passwords default the controller?

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