Where to find safety glasses in the UK?

I can only find glasses for hundreds of pounds - https://www.laser2000.co.uk/product/f18__p1e01__1001/frame-f18-filter-p1e01-innovative-fit-over-frame-flexible-temples-vlt-approx--40-colour-orange - or for really cheap on ebay or amazon (and some of those on Amazon for £40 seem to be also sold elsewhere for £3…)

Can anyone recommend where to source eye protection which carries some kind of certification, but is a ‘hobby’ price?

I’ve found some forum posts which say I just need “anything orange”, and others saying “you only have one pair of eyes, so buy something certified”.

For now, the specific laser I have is this one: https://uk.banggood.com/12V-Blue-Violet-Laser-Engraving-Head-Set-With-Wood-Plates-For-CR-10-CR-10S-3D-Printer-p-1281920.html?cur_warehouse=CN which is a 405NM 500mW. It came with green classes, which is surprise to me, since green is pretty close to blue wavelength. I’d expect orange or red looking glasses… ?

Hi there

405NM (Blue) is the spec you need to keep in mine.
personally i use these:

Covers your light wave perfectly

Hi, thanks OrturTech.

I found those also at https://laserpair.en.made-in-china.com/product/CjAQqislrRhN/China-Laser-Protective-and-Laser-Goggles-Medical-532nm-Laser-Safety-Goggles-Laser-Safety-Goggle-Ghp-200-532nm-for-Laser-Cutting-Machine-Heating-Equipment-Skin-Beauty.html (made by http://www.laserpair.com/ )

They claim both “200 – 532nm O.D 6+ V.L.T 30%” and “Laser Safety eyewear has a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 30% and an Optical Density of 5+.”, which worries me a bit since the ‘spec’ isn’t consistent (OD is sometimes 5+, sometimes 6+, and the VLT is sometimes 30% and sometimes 50%)

These are OD 6+ and a little bit more expensive - https://jtechphotonics.com/?product=laser-safety-goggles-od-6-200-532nm , due to their commentary on testing https://jtechphotonics.com/?p=1117 I’d probably go for jtech if I was in the USA.

I’ll go for https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07JBW531Z - thanks. Didn’t buy those already since I wasn’t sure if I was paying £40 for something that was sold elsewhere for £4!

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Draper: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-65644-Safety-Goggles-Laser/dp/B0002GUXGI

When I was in the UK I used to buy 3M, but can’t find the link now. They’re about 4 quid each in a box.

These are the ones I used - a little more expensive, but better quality than the Draper: https://www.mercateo.co.uk/p/4421-51(2d)7734/3MTM_7000061886_2846_Comfort_Line_Safety_Spectacles_Red_Orange_Lens.html

That’s just one model - 3M make a bunch in various grades. I was buying the 25-pack box of 3M that looks more like the Draper, that worked out to ~100 quid per box for the classroom. As I had to wear them a lot, I bought better quality ones for myself.

If you wear eyeglasses, ou can get over-the-glasses models, too.

Thanks for the thoughts Bo. I discounted the Draper since the manufacturer says not to use them:

A: These are worn when the laser tool is weak or the laser bean is too dark, the glasses will “Enhance” the visibility of the red laser line, the are only for better visibility and NOT for protection.
kind regards
Draper Tools

I’ll take a look around the Mercateo catalogue for some 3M which cover prescription glasses. I think some purpose-sold 3M sound ideal, I tried (failing!) to Google just for that before, thanks for the lead here.

The 3M ones too, aren’t for laser eye protection, only UV and ‘high speed
particles at low energy’. They might work for the purpose if someone happens to test them, but 3M of course says ‘Do not use this product against hazards other than those
specified in this document’

They block 405nm blue lasers like a brick wall stops a bicycle

So does the draper.

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