Which Camera angle is best for 760mm height from bed

I’m looking at lightburn cameras from Cohesion 3D ( https://cohesion3d.com/shop/peripherals/official-lightburn-camera/ ) but they only have the 140 degree lens which for my machine with a longest length of 900mm means my camera needs to be 500mm above the bed. If I attach the camera to the open lid of my machine the distance to the bed in 760mm which will give me much more view than I need - can I zoom in using the software to only see the bed? or should I try and find a 80-90 degree camera?
And, has anyone heard of or used Cohesion 3D are they genuine lightburn cameras?
Just found a few post - Cohesion are legit :slight_smile:

@patglazz - yes, the Cohesion cameras are the same that LightBurn sells. C3D is an official distributor.
For finding the right camera, check this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-O-WIMJxZzy2TmlJ9KCFB6yto3rZIlAiANj6OsWsQTk

Just enter your system dimensions and you’ll see what lens type you need.

You cannot zoom in with the camera view window in LB, however what really matters is the edit view overlay - and once you calibrate you will only see your actual working area overlaid atop the edit view.

Thanks Adam, my suspicions were correct :frowning: I need the 90 degree camera

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