Which camera for a dual-head?

I have a dual laser 80W OMTech Co2 laser engrave that the bed’s cutting/engraving space is 40” X 20”. Which camera/lens degree size should I purchase? Do I need 2, or will 1 work. Bring that I have two lasers. TIA!

You’d use a single camera, but I’m honestly not sure how that would work. If the laser can only access half the bed area, you’d be calibrating the camera for half the area as well, and would only be able to use the camera on that half. I haven’t tried anything like this before.

If possible, I would buy two cameras and mount them for each side. Which leads me to my next question(s). Can I plug in two cameras, and will both cameras show up on lightburn? Not sure how that would go. As would it have a “camera 1” and then a tab to click “camera 2”… or both views at once…?

They’d both show up as “LightBurn Camera”. We don’t have the ability in the software to specify which laser head is used when running the camera alignment job, but it would be possible to do that manually. The camera alignment file is just a 180mm square, centered in the workspace.

It would probably just work if you set the machine profile up to be only half the size, then ran a 180mm square using laser 2, and just tagged the 4 corners of it as your markers, but I honestly cannot say if this would work correctly. It feels like it would, but I can’t guarantee that without having tried it.

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