Which Camera from Lightburn store

I currently have a K40 I want to put a camera on. So a 60 degree lens I believe works with the door open. I am going to be building a larger laser cutter however. Is there any reason not to go with the 8MP with the 85 degree lens now so I can use it with the K40 until the new one is built. And can I buy an additional wider angle lens from you at the same time for the 8mp camera?

We don’t sell the lenses individually, so that would be a wrinkle. Aside from that, there’d be no reason you couldn’t use the 8MP camera on the K40.

I believe the lenses are a standard S-mount (M12 thread), so you should be able to find them online.

Thank you. Did you figure out the camera issue where it is using only the default camera resolution so that most camera are using low resolution?

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We have an alternative capture library provided for Windows that’s now used by default that works for most, but it’s more sensitive to library or system differences than the previous version, because it uses newer features in Windows. It generally works well though, and lets us pick the highest res, regardless of the camera. It was written so people wouldn’t have to buy the camera from us.

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