Which Camera is best?

I’m looking for the best camera option – I have a 900mm x 600mm laser with about 24” of clearance from bed to the bottom of the door (door open – in the middle of the bed).

I would like to get a Lightburn 8MP camera – but the only one that I have listed in the camera helper (and is available on the Lightburn website) is the 8MP – 120W Degree – the helper indicates a mounting height of 17.5” – would this work? Or if it is mounted at a height of 22-23” – will it be too high/too far?

The other 8MP listed as available on the Lightburn website is the 8MP - 85 degree version – but there isn’t any info on it in the Lightburn camera helper (It’s not listed).

Any suggestions?


Hi Jeff
I looked on the camera helper in Lightburn and input your laser dimensions. It appears that you will have to get a wide angle camera because of the height you have available. The 85° will not work since it needs a higher mounting distance than what you have available. As for the extra height that you have for the 120°, they say that the minimum mounting height should be 17.5". I hope this helps you. I am not experienced or an expert but I do a lot of research.
Take care and good luck
Camera selection helper


22-23" will be good. The minimum height listed in the selection helper is a bare minimum - we recommend mounting a couple of inches higher than that point (19.5" in this case). A couple additional inches above that will lead to a bit of ‘wasted’ space in the camera’s field of view, but will still work well.

Thanks - I’ve ordered the 8MP - 120W - I’ll post how it works once it arrives.

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