Which glasses for the Creality Laser 10w Module?


I bought the Creality 10w Laser Module but I don’t trust the glasses that came with it. Could you please tell me if these are any good?

Blue laser - 455+/-5 nm laser.

Thank you all!

Standard-compliant glasses will have their wavelength & optical density values engraved on one of the lenses. The picture shows the legend “engraved” on one lens, but in a position that would obstruct vision through that lens, suggesting it has been digitally added to the picture:

The first values suggest OD5+ for wavelengths between 190 and 470 nm, so 455 is on the edge. I do not know what the DIRMLB5 mark means.

If you get them, verify one of the lenses has an actual engraved or molded legend, rather than an easily counterfeited screen-printed mark. When in doubt, send them back.

Even with good safety glasses, don’t stare at the bright light!