Which laser cuter?

Hi there, I am totaly new in these specific field and i dont know which laser cuter i should buy? I am situated in Central Europe (Austria) and would make some handcrafts for a located gift shop. But I have no idea what is a good quality laser cuter. Should I buy a chinese machine? But quality is important for me not only the price. Maybe someone can help me. Thank you in advance… Franz

Hello Franz,

I bought my 2nd laser from the German Ebay.
a 60w CO2 laser 50x30cm bed. I quickly found out that that is too small for me personally. So I went a bit bigger.

Do you want to do mainly engraving: Diode laser
Do you want to cut and engrave anything but metal: CO2 laser
Do you want to cut and engrave metal: Fiber laser

It also depends on your budget of course.
What do you want to craft?

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Hello Björn, thank you for your fast answer. The second option “engrave and cut” would be mine. Which laser did you buy?

Hello Franz,

I am located in the Netherlands.
The reason I bought on German ebay site was because of the taxes. It was within the european union and no import fees were needed.
Second I looked for a seller that delivered from somewhere in Europe… I believe mine was from Poland.

I paid with paypal. Which was a smart idea. If something is not working you can use PayPal as leverage. Which I did… I got a broken CO2 tube and because even the Chinese seem scared of PayPal it was painless for me.

What else is important… Ah yes!
A Ruida controller… you do want a Ruida controller.
This is the machine I work with most nowadays.
Quite happy with it. I upgraded to 100 watt

I also added a compressor for air (to cut way cleaner), Ampere meter and exhaust fan which was more silent then the one provided and a rotary attachment.

Ok - that sounds good. I am new and not a technican…studied teacher… :slight_smile: so this part i could buy without heavy problem at beginning. How thick can the object be…?

I think you can cut acrylic or poplar ply up to 1 cm with little effort. :slight_smile: