Which Lightburn Camera?

Hello All:

I will be ordering my printer Monday from Boss Laser. It is the LS-1416 model. I’ve decided to purchase the Lightburn Camera. However, I do not know which degree I should go with based on my machine. I don’t really need to see a lot of other things besides the work bed.

If anyone has some information that can point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Michael K.

I can’t tell you which camera would be best suited for that laser without knowing the distance from the bed to the mounting point in the lid. Hopefully other members with an LS-1416 can chime in.

“Best Camera”, one of the top search terms used on our forum returns this: :wink:

I purchased the 60 deg lens for my LS-1420. With the camera mounted on the inside front of the cover (on the handle bolts) the camera can see the entire bed.

Couple of questions… One, is the 1420 the 1416 but with the 14x20 bed? Also, Do you think you could possibly share a screenshot of what your bed looks like through the 60 degree camera?

The 1420 is the 1416 with the extra 4" width, yes, so if his camera sees the full 20", yours would have a little extra clearance.

What type of mounting system did you use for your 60 degree camera?

I used UV epoxy to glue the camera to a piece of acrylic I cut to mount on the lid handle bolts