Which Link do I need to use?

This is probably a silly question but, my old laptop died and now I need to reinstall Lightburn. Which link do I use?

Go to Lightburn site and select downloads


Well, I alrerady have a key code so I don’t need to repurchase it so do I just download the trial and then use my key?


Thank you sir!


You get at least two seats, so if you have changed the hardware, it might think it’s another installation.

Worst case, visit the license portal where you can delete unwanted installations.

Have fun


Colin recently announced that all users of the standard license now get 3 seats.

I just got a new laptop (old one puked) so I didn’t know if there was a separate d/l for that situation. I just d/l the trial and re-entered my key. Works fine.

What you did was perfect and gets you the latest version.

If for some reason you need to see all the available releases or want to go back to an older release you can download from here:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment (github.com)