Which power supply?

I’m looking to upgrade my stock China blue 60w (actually a 50w in reality) tube to a Cloudray CR70 60-80 watt tube or larger, but I don’t see any information on what power supply to choose. I like buying decent equipment to some what ensure longevity. How do I choose a power supply?

SO… have you seen this page?.. CO2 Power Supply – Cloudray Laser

I’ve looked at the many power supply choices. It APPEARS that many different styles will do the same thing. My question is “how do I know which one to choose ?”

You say you are going to get a Cloudray CR70 60-80 watt tube or larger… so you will need an 80watt or larger PS. For 80watts, choose the MYJG-80W. IF going larger, choose the 100watt PS. You can always contact them and ask the directly… Contact Us – Cloudray Laser

I’ve sent them a message but haven’t received a reply yet.

Let’s try this approach…which one is the best they offer?

The tube you have chosen has a maximum working current of 20mA, a trigger voltage of 23kV and a working voltage of 16kV - as long as the PSU meets that spec, it’s correct. I

I use the same PSU for everything from 80-130W as it means I only need to hold one model in stock and the price difference is ~$10-20 over a cheap one. I also am from the school of ‘over spec is better’ as it will have a more powerful LOPT, which is the part that burns out on low-spec PSUs.

Cloudray aren’t a manufacturer, but a Nanjing-based integrator. Their Cloudray-branded components are OEMd from various other Chinese manufacturers. I had a look at their tubes and can’t tell you who the manufacturer is. I suspect Yongli, but made to CR’s spec with different anodised caps, etc., from Yongli’s own brand.

CR has a staff of less than 50, so they aren’t a huge operation.

If I was buying their tube, I would ask them for a compatible PSU.

That is the info I was looking for. There are many ‘styles’ of PSU’s available and some have more or less inputs/outputs available than others. Earlier, (before my post) I was assuming that what you wrote was the case, but I needed some verification. For the $$$ difference, I may go with the Cloudray CR90 and DY13 100w supply.

I have the MYJG-100W on my laser machine, and it does a good job. You can also get the plug-and-play remote display and Amp adjustment for around $10 from Cloudray.

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