Which Ruida Controller Should I get?

Hey guys and gals, Lightburn docs list these controllers as supported under the DSP licence- " * Ruida (RDC6442G / S, RDC6332G, RDC6344S, RDLC-320, RDLC-220) "

I’m currently looking at buying a China Red and black 6090

and been told I can pick the controller so whats the differences if any or more preferred one to get (and why?)

Be stepping up from an Eleksmaker A3

6442G is my preference, though the 6332G has twice the RAM (will store larger jobs). RDLC320 is older, has a smaller display, and is USB only.

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Thanks! think extra ram of the 6332 could be nice and future proof then, USB only is fine but could be networked at some point. Cheers pointing out some of the differences. Co2 soon…ish :smiley: