While cutting oramask 813 on wood. The start and finish points leave a small space between them

I’m cutting small “.5”” letter using oramask 813.
When the laser starts a cut at a point then finishes it leaves a small space between start and finish points. This creates a problem trying to peel out the piece not needed.
Question is there a setting to over lap these point so the cut is 100% around the vector.

Using a Jtech 7watt on 1F woodworker

Thank Jrj

Very small objects make mechanical problems very large in comparison.

Most likely, you have a fraction of a millimeter of backlash in the hardware that will require painstaking effort to find.

Going through this entire list will almost certainly get things working right:

It’s for Sculpfun lasers, but you’ll recognize most of the parts and, in places with obvious differences, do the same checks on whatever you have.

Didn’t you mention that oramask is a vinyl product. When vaporized, produces chloride gas… with water vapor hydrochloric acid…?


The dose makes the poison …

But, yeah, not too much, not too often, with exhaust air running steady, would be a good policy.

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