White areas of image overlays Text - but only on one Machine (PC)

Hey guys,

i need your help one more time.
We are working with lightburn from two workspaces. On both Systems the Software versions are equal.

The problem we are facing is, that on one machine a white area of an image overlays the text, lying “over/under” the image. On the other machine this problem does not happen. Please see the Screenshots. On both Screens the Images are “non-transparency” PNGs.

I can’t find a setting for that. When i open the same project on Machine 1, the text is in the preview is “overlayed” from the image. But not on the other machine.

Please note: this is not an engraving problem - the engraving is quite fine. This is only a problem with the preview - but it is very annoying, because we often send the preview-files to our customers.

If you preview the same design on both computers is the behavior the same or different?

same design out of the same library.
only the files i added here to show the problem are different.


one file/design, different behaviour

Not sure why the behavior itself would be different between the two systems but seems to me the core issue is in drawing order. Can you make sure that the text layer follows the image layer?

If you scan through the Preview, is the drawing order the same between the two systems?