White space scan

i have downloaded the newest version of lightburn and white space scan isnt working?
i had a burn that was supposed to take 1.5 hours which was in the preview but it took 2.5 hours to finish the burn! what am i missing? i didnt have any issues with it working before. does anyone have any pointers. i hit the ok button when im done changing the settingss

How are you determining that it’s not working? If you change the value for whitespace scan speed does it change the preview?

Preview times are calculated strictly from the values in Device Settings → Additional Settings. This may or may not reflect actual times. There are many factors that determine how accurate the Preview time is. Was this for an existing design where you’ve previously been able to get 1.5 hours?

the speed isnt of the laser head doesnt change in the whitespace. when i change the speed the preview shows less time or more time depending on what i have fast whitespace scan at

I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying.

You’re saying changing the value for whitespace scan does affect the preview but you’re saying it doesn’t seem to affect the actual laser head speed?

This is odd but if true, it’s likely to be an issue with the laser. Perhaps your laser is incapable of reaching those speeds.

Can you take a simple design and save gcode using a .txt extension and upload here? Please indicate what your whitespace scan speed was set to including the units. I’ll review to see if the instructions are being sent to the laser.

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