White space speed

Hello all. So in thee past i have had my white space speed set to 6000 and just noticed that i had no faster speed in the white speed. and now i cant make it go any faster than 3543. i am using windows 11 and have not upgraded to lightburn 1.4 yet. are they trying to make me upgrade?

Are you asking if previous versions are getting deliberately reduced performance in order to get people to upgrade? If so, that’s absolutely not the case. New versions don’t somehow hinder previously released versions.

A few questions:

  1. How are you determining actual speed of travel?
  2. Are you certain that the area is eligible for fast whitespace scanning?
  3. No matter the settings of fast whitespace scan it cannot go faster than the limits of your machine, have you checked yours?
  4. Are you certain that previous speed is indeed faster than current speed? As in you measured it the same way?

Thank you for your help. All is better

What was the resolution?

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