White tile with my own design all done in LightBurn! Repost after an oops

Well I am quite excited about this design. I started with a photo I took earlier this year. We were at the beach taking some drone shots for a gig I was hired to do. On our way out we found quite a few domestic mutt rabbits that had excepted and been breeding. I snapped a few interesting shots of it.

I used the trace trace image feature and switched it to a sketch mode. Then I spent about 45min cleaning up things I did not like about the sketch. For the tiles I used the oasis blue and painted them over the weekend. Just put it in my 80w c02 75mm/s at 20% power and here we go! Hit the tile with acetone before and after for cleanup.


beautiful :slight_smile:

It looks like the blue paint cleaned up completely without any residue. Good to know! Thanks.
How long did you let the paint dry before you exposed it?

There is just a little bit of residue not much. I have let it dry as short as a few hours. That one was on there for 3 days.

Wow looks great!

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