Who can help me with it

Hi everbody , i want to cut the cowboy and horses , but it all fall through , how can i do this so that the hole image want fall through , i work with lightburn ,

thx in advance

Reduce power and/or increase speed on the red layer. Consider switching to Fill instead of Line.

but if its fill , it will engrave the image , that i just want , i just want the shapes of the cowboy and horse ,

Then stick to line and apply the other techniques indicated.

and they are
sorry im new on this ,
want to make a box , and some light in it so you can see the shape of the cowboy and horse

Are you saying that you intentionally want to cut out certain portions of the red layer but that you’re simply cutting out too much?

If that’s the case then you need to take a critical look at the design. If you have a continuous loop for any shape that means the entire shape will fall out. You will need to change the design to where you only have a continuous loop where you want shapes to fall out.

Or as another option, change the outline shape to be on a separate layer and reduce power and/or increase speed so that it doesn’t cut through and instead engraves.

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im gonna try , thx

I think there is an add tabs tool in LB, that will give you little ‘breaks’ to keep things attached.

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