Who else would be interested in a head-mounted camera?

I was thinking about a head-mounted camera to help find the exact coordinates for placed objects or to use registration marks, and found a request for that already existed:

Now I am wondering whether there are really so few people that would like the more accurate alignment that a head-mounted camera (esp in combination with a bird-eye cam as already supported) could offer?

So, yeah, I am curious whether you’d use such a feature, and what use you would make of it…

Discuss! :wink:

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Oh yes. That would be excellent. It would make some jobs so much easier and faster. I’ve been drooling over these vids:

A hardware-agnostic vision system would be a killer feature. My pick-and-place machine has both upwards and downwards cameras and it’s crazy accurate compared to not using the cameras.

OpenCV is the best known library, but there are lots of others.


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