Who has converted to Lightweight Head?

Mask off the black area and spray the red area.

After that dries, remove mask and spray with black. Simple two color

I have a 5030 machine and this is 12" square…

When I upgraded the head, it’s now able to go ‘between’ the screws for the table. So I can get more engraving area to either the x or y axes. Currently it’s configured at 508 x 344…

It still has another 10mm it can move towards the operator.


Jack, I have the vertical facing belt also. I see the you removed the bracket that goes over the stop sensor on the left side of the gantry. Do you no longer use the sensors to limit travel? If so, did you set the table size to limit travel in your Ruida controller? I have the 6445g controller, and haven’t found out how to set the limit of travel in the controller for X (side to side) and Y axis (front to back). If you did this, where is it located?

When I removed the brackets that held the drag chain, there was nothing there for the hall effect switches to detect.

I move it over to the left on a 3d printed bracket attached to the Y gantry. It’s triggered by the metal in the rail bearing.

Hope this helps…


Thanks Jack, is that window from LightBurn, RDWorks, or the Ruida controller?

Thats machine settings in LBurn.
Think called same thing in RDWorks.

This is a Lightburn forum, so if some one uses RDWorks for something it’s usually mentioned. Hope they don’t wash my mouth out with soap…

RDWorks will not natively run on my Ubuntu Linux machines.

If it’s in Lightburn or in the Ruida is a point of view… I guess

I think it’s ‘Edit → Machine Settings → Vendor Settings’ in Lightburn. Lightburn ‘reads’ the information from the controller and displays it in an editable form.

You will also have to ‘write’ the new settings to the controller if you want them changes applied.

You should ‘save’ your ‘factory’ settings, as you might need them some day.

Good luck, take care…


Hehe thanks Jack! If you sang opera that could be termed a Soap Opera lol

I bought the Russ-spec laser with his head.
Perhaps I can reference it to be of help?
Let me know if you have questions.

Intereting. Can u post pics of head, and belt / stepper motor.

I would guess it’s just like mine… Since my stuff is the same

@TravisGood – what kind of power is your machine?

Curious as to how you knew or learned about the Russ speck laser…

Good luck


How about scrubbing through this to see what you’d like?

The label from the tube is seen below.
As for learning about the Russ Spec laser,
I’m a fan and watch his videos, don’t you? :blush:

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If you’ve followed the thread, you’ve seen mine…

A lot of work…


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I was not aware CloudRay was selling this yet.

I was able to finally obtain some 24mm diameter extension tubes from here, they custom made them for me.

Everyone else sells 25mm dia, and, they don’t even have female threads inside to couple them like these do. Full set of 3 for $23 is a deal.

Works great to solve my pass thru issue with baseball bats.

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Cloudray C series is 24mm tubes

E series is 25mm tubes

I’m wondering if there’s not a better clamping system than that set screw used in the LWH. These clamps actually fit 25mm tubes, REALLY well actually, but do seem a bit heavy but not by that much. You could have fun milling off unnecessary weight. But the actual C/E series tubes are themselves heavier than a tube needs to be.

I found another clamp for 24mm but it has more excess weight.

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The LWH clamping screw works perfect for me, haven’t had any issues.
These 24mm extensions tubes allow me use the CloudRay C Series multi-lens tube, yet extended it further down below the front bar on my machine for pass thru.

I like the 24mm because the diameter stays perfectly centered on the LWH M3, and the linkage between my Lens Tube and the extension is smooth outside, allowing me more ability to slide it up and down in the clamp for best focal length.

What I didn’t like about the head on my machine, the mirror is off center.


Looks like they had to shift the hole for M3 to allow room for the screws on the side.

I had the same problem with my aligned beam not hitting center of M3 hole on head. I needed to lift the head by about 10mm, which is now easily done with the LWH mount.

Shifting like that means the you have less ‘mirror’ surface you can hit.

Do you have his vertical alignment jig? There’s a photo and plans of it in a previous post…

Doesn’t require the Z table to be vertically stable…mine wobbles when I crank it up and down.