Who here owns a ROTOBOSS Rotary attachment

Hi looking for real end user input on this attachment.
Reviews from people that have affiliate links don’t hold water to me.

Here is where I first saw it

Is it worth $600+ ?
Does it deliver on its promise that it will level anything that needs to be rotary engraved?

Is it easy to use?

I appreciate your feedback


At the risk of offending someone, it looks overly complicated to me.

Looks like it was designed by a committee.

And expensive.

A rotary attachment is a fairly simple device.
Yes height adjustments etc are needed but why so complex.
I mean do you really need anti backlash nuts.

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Some of the Pilsner glasses and stemless tumblers are hard to level with “normal” rotaries supposedly this makes it easier. That’s why I’m asking the gang here if anyone has one and they have used it.

Cheers and thanks for chiming in!


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I have the Low roller version in order to get the biggest z distance on my smaller laser but haven’t used it very much yet. I did a few test engraves and it was very easy to set up and level some odd sized wine glasses. Not sure why anyone would think it is complicated but I’m not offended, lol. The knobs make the adjustments for leveling and setting the glass distance very simple and precise.

Mine was comparable in price to the one that was specced by Thunder Laser when I bought my laser and I think they are now the recommended rotary being sold with their lasers in the US. I have the original 7 pin rotary from Thunder Laser for sale at a good price if anyone is interested as I’m keeping this one.

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Any body else own a rotoboss? Been looking at them.

I have a RotoBoss and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Best rotary on the market!

@Ksmith1961 What’s your favorite thing you make using a RotoBoss that puts other similar devices at a disadvantage?

Cheers :beers:


I mainly use it to do tumblers, cups, and heavy glass beer mugs. The rotary that came with my laser had some play it it that really effected the glass mugs. The weight of the handle would cause over rotation. Also, I no longer have to mess with the rotary settings when switching to different sizes. The RotoBoss is geared at 1:1 so all I do is set my circle pulse to what my laser is set at and the wheel diameter to 2.25” which is the actual size and forget it.

That was very helpful. I would love to see one of your more intricate mugs with a handle pieces if you can share. What part of the country do you live in?

Cheers and thank you for your reply.



I am in NW Arkansas on the Arkansas/Oklahoma line.

Very nice work! Crisp and clean!

If you haven’t done so already, I recommend you check out PiBurn rotary at www.PiBurn.info
It’s a simpler design, works great and comes with manuals and support.

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Very nice and very expensive. I must say it looks like it has the critical things like a way to hold it in contact with the roller system and it appears very adjustable.

I have some 3/4 inch acrylic tubing, can you mount up something like that in it? It is 1/2" ID.


I have one with all attachments and extras that I would be willing to trade for a PiBurn.

I just connected my Rotoboss. It doesn’t work when “enable rotary” is on. When I turn “enable rotary” off in Lightburn, I attempted to engrave a 1" by 1" square. It engrave it 1" tall but 4.25" wide. Can’t figure it out.