Why am I getting better results on LaserGRBL instead of LightBurn? Why is this?

I am new to laser engraving. And I am hoping I am doing something wrong or not got it setup properly. I am also a Mac user, and I don’t have a Windows computer. So, I was pleased about finding LightBurn as it has a Mac version. I also found LaserGRBL, the free Windows based product.

I feel the cost of LightBurn is reasonable, so I don’t have an issue with the price. LightBurn looks more polished and better UI etc. So, as a paid product, I expected to get much better results from LightBurn instead of LaserGRBL. However, what I have found is that I am getting much-much better results on LaserGRBL.

I can’t understand this, as I know LightBurn is very popular. So, I am assuming and hoping I am not using it properly. I have found settings harder to figure out on LightBurn. I have been trying to watch the videos, but so far I have been getting frustrated.

I installed Windows on my Mac via Parallels and I have installed LaserGBRL. I am on the 30 day trial of LightBurn. This is not an attack on LightBurn, I am fairly confident it’s me.

I am using the AtomStack A5 20W machine. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

What do you say are “better results”? Better burns, images?

Yes, it seems to burn images better, and it seems to be quicker.

It sounds like you need to experiment with Lightburn’s power and speed settings…

I haven’t tried LaserGRBL but it looks like it doesn’t come close to Lightburn for features…

Without any specifics on the settings you’re using in each program, it’s going to be really hard to offer anything useful. LightBurn and LaserGRBL ultimately just generate GCode, but the settings you can apply in the software (in both cases) affect the output a great deal. If you’re not using similar settings in each program, your results won’t be the same.

Can you show some examples of what your results look like from each program?

Imagine for a moment that I said, “My car is more expensive than my wife’s car, but she’s getting better results with hers.” That’s similar to the question you’re asking here - without any context or something to serve as a starting point of what kind of results you mean, it’s hard to give any specifics, so provide as much detail as you can, and we should be able to get you pointed in the right direction.


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