Why aren't the Layer Speed/Power settings saved with the work file?

I have one laptop in my office where I do most of the setup work, I save the file to the network, then open the file on my laptop back in the warehouse. I’ve noticed that the layers speed/power settings change depending on what laptop (copy of Lightburn) that I’m using. Is this expected behavior?

No. Are you sure it’s not just a difference in the units setting that makes it appear different? The cut layer settings should be preserved with the save file.



Saved in office opened in warehouse.

Office screenshot shows that you’re using mm/s. I can’t see what you’re using for warehouse but I assume mm/min. 750 mm/s → (750 mm/s * 60 s/min) = 45000 mm/min.


The logic made sense but the revised screenshot shows that they are both in mm/m

Saw the error of my ways and layer 00 is mm/s on the office not mm/m, thanks for being patient with me.


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