Why did lightburn lose a lot of gcodes? and how do get them back?

when i first started everything worked fine when i went back in the gcodes were missing

You’re going to need to further explain what you mean by all this.

What does gcode mean here? And where is it missing from? And where did go and come back to?

Please provide screenshots to make this more understandable.

i have deleted the program 3 times and it keeps coming back with no gcodes when in reinstall. is there any way to install under my wifes name?

Why are you deleting the program?

And what is a gcode?

Please provide a screenshot of what you’re dealing with.

This is likely not needed but it’s not clear what you’re trying to address.

it says that the program is busy

Upload a screenshot please.

It seems you don’t know what a gcode is. Maybe read here for some initial explanation: Basic principles - Diode Laser Wiki

If you installed LightBurn, you need to add the laser as type “grbl”, and you should add it manually. Maybe check here for instructions: Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki