Why do I lose my devices after an update?

A couple times now I’ve lost my devices after an update. I see an option to import my device list but where is the physical location of the file? This is a major nuicance as I have a couple machines and it seems like a waste of time to have to do this. I don’t know of any other reason that this is happening other than an update.

Any suggestions, or a location to import the file from?


Never mind I found the folder c:/users/your_username/appdata/local/lightburn/backup/prefs/ The appdata folder is a hidden folder so be sure that you have show hidden folders on. Not sure why this keeps happening but at at least I found the easy fix.


As reference, you can get to the prefs folder from LightBurn by going to File->Open prefs folder.


Yes, but unless I’m missing something if the devices are deleted you can’t get to the file menu without entering device details. It’s easier to import perfs from the device management screen in my opinion.

I meant only to identify file location, not as a means of recovery. I’m curious why all your devices would be getting wiped out. I’ve seen some reports of people saying it’s like they’re starting from a new installation.

Do you also lose other preferences that were setup or only device information?

You can also just go File > Load Prefs Backup.

As to why this happens, we haven’t been able to determine this. We’ve never been able to get it to happen on a development or in-house machine.

It appears everything is gone, last time I had to re-enter a machine and then was able to open a previous prefs file and restore everything. It’s strange for sure, it would be better if when going to import prefs in the device management dialogue that it automatically defaulted to the location of where the prefs files are located. Maybe this is something that @LightBurn can work into a future update?

Unfortunately, you’re pretty much locked out of doing anything prior to having a device set up. Anyways, no big deal as long as I can remember where the files are for next time. :smile:

Do you have any AV software running that actively blocks file writes at times? Wondering it that could be a factor.

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