Why do i not have all the features

Why do i not have all the features of light burn. I have a lot of items showing but cant use since they are greyed out. like group and ungroup, offset. see pics.

They are grey all the time no matter what i have selected. Or what object i have in it

As an example, you won’t have access to boolean operations unless you have two objects selected. You can have two objects in the workspace, but the icons will not become active until or unless two are selected for the action required.

As a similar example, ungroup is not available for an object that has not previously been grouped.

All object are not created equal… an image is not a vector and an open path is not a closed path, etc.
And as was mentioned, some operations for for certain object types and not others. ie you can not trace a vector so the capability will be grayed out.

If you select an item it should enable the command.

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