Why do my cuts not look as they do in Lightbun's software?

Getting random “jogs” in my cutting compared to what’s on screen in Lightburn. Any thoughts on why this happens?

First image is in Lightburn, second image is the full test run on cardboard (rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the Lightburn image)

Without seeing the settings for this job, my guess is you are trying to move fast, and the system is loosing steps along the way, causing these alignment issues.

OK…I think I might have learned something based on the response I had from the support team via email…this only had issues when sending the cut request to the machine from the software. If I send the file to the machine, then load the file from the machine and cut from there, it all works fine. Sooo…now my process is to create in Lightburn, save on the computer, send the file to the laser, then shutting down the computer connection and doing all the file loading/cutting from the file on the machine only. No problems since.

Robert - can you tell me:

  1. What controller model you have? (Ruida 6442G, 6442S, 6445G, etc)
  2. The specs for your computer? (processor type & speed)

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