Why does my file cut double randomly?

I have a file I’m attempting to engrave the bottom of a pie plate and the image keeps going all weird on me… I’m have had a perfect cut ONCE but it was on a test dish with other things etched on it. So I prepped the dish I just ran exactly like the test dish, used the same settings, computer, laser, and set up. I cleaned my laser head and got a completely different result. The craziest part to me is I’m only doing one pass so I have NO idea what is happening. I have tape on the inside of the pie plate to make SURE there is no refraction through the glass. Any advice on how to make this stop would be greatly appreciated.
Xtool d1 10w
Light burn 1.4.00
Settings being used:
Pass count: 1
Interval (mm): .035
Speed: 600
Power max (%): 90

There are only 3 options. 1. you have pressed start twice, 2. the machine is set for 2 laps, 3. there are doubles of your shapes.

I guess no. 3

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I’m no expert in this, but encountered a similar thing.

Try disabling the Bi-Directional fill option in the cut/fill settings.

If that doesn’t work perhaps try adjusting the scan angle.

Hope this helps

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Edit menu → delete duplicates
might be part of the issue

being funny and goofy tonight, I can fix that problem. Works every time.
I know because I saw it on U tubby so it must be true, LOL, rolling on the floor.
The problem Is that your laser head is low on TURN SIGNAL FLUID !!! Get some for a
1957 rag top spider. Fill that laser head back up. Works every time !!!

Just had it happen to me, in the layers menu there is an open for number of passes … one of mine got switched to four without me realizing it …