Why everything has so much soot?

Hello guys. I bought a laser master 2, 15w from Ortur. I work with leather. But all that i do has so much soot. I tried to low down the laser power. But the soot it´s still there.
Yesterday i engrave clipboard, the soot was there too. Is this a laser problem? Could it be broken?
The laser works good, but everything that i do, leather or clipboard leaves so much soot.

I need your help please. Thanks.

try masking your product first to help reduce the soot. Leather you can wash off after with soap and water and then let dry. You can also soak leather in water before and then laser your design on it to help keep it sharp and clean.

Thanks a lot. So, there´s no problem with the laser in your opinion?

probably not. if anything id say it has more to do with getting your settings dialed in. air assist will help too. wait you said 15watt right? is that a diode laser? probably no air assist on that huh?

It has no air assist.