Why Fills and sometimes images are wavy?

@OrturTech, can you provide additional troubleshooting procedures for Brandon?

Here’s the latest. I processed it again from IMAG-R, loosened and frightened belts, retightened grub nuts. 6000 mm/min @ 55% and 363 DPI

What is the material? Wood?
Sure looks like banding from wood grain here.

No, painted tile

lens or complete head loose maybe?

When you replaced the belts, did you by chance clean down in the track where the wheels ride? Also, check the wheels for any obvious wear/deformation.

I happened to do another look over and i noticed the X gantry had a slight give on ONE side in one direction, like 1 mm wiggle. I further tightened the eccentric nut and that dealt with it but my machine has been getting Jog shock errors (reason why I was working on the machine) so I haven’t been able to finish over an inch of tile at once to see if it’s mostly fixed. The inch does seem a lot better although it has a tiny bit of banding.

So banding still occurs. Heres a picture with flash

Hi, can anyone diagnose these lines? Is it something to do with my settings for the image/machine or more of a hardware issue? I was having horizontal banding issues and was maintenancing the Ortur Lasermaster 2 trying to fix it. There was a bit of wobble on one of the X gantry sides so I tightened the eccentric nut just enough to stop wobble but allow the gantry to freely roll. The outline of the Mandalorian seems crisp so I have no idea what’s the cause. Grayscale. 6000mm/min 50%. 10%overscan.

The excessively wavy lines are new, the horizontal banding isn’t. The only thing i changed recently was $33 from 250 to 1000 in response to constant G-Shock alarms that stop the machine. LightBurn readout calls $33 PWM frequency but apparently it’s for the G-Shock sensor in GRBL.

Please, one posting for the same issue is adequate to get responses. The rest just has folks working harder than required.

I thought this post was dead. Also the new post is supposedly a separate issue. This was just out of curiosity for fills and why the laser does that sometimes, but everything usually worked fine and images looked great. Now, it’s strikingly obvious in the new cuts and so have no idea what’s going on. The Mandalorian one is actually the first time it’s so visible in Image mode. I’ve been messing around with the gantry and machine settings right before this so I want to see if anyone knows it’s a settings issue or hardware issue. The most recent setting change I made was to $33 which says PWM frequency on LightBurn but others insist deals with G-shock for the Ortur . So I’m not sure if thats the reason or not as I only vaguely know PWM frequency is related to the laser output?

Man, this is so frustrating. I literally took apart the machine and put back together while cleaning. Freaking lines man.

I’ll try again. If you dither a dithered image you get moire patterns. Did you turn off LB dithering by setting pass-thru?

Yep, for processed images i turn on passthrough. I normally used LightBurn processing though I just purchased Da Big Gimpin. Im regards to my question on horizontal banding, i turned off bi-directional scanning and it became a lot more apparent that it seemed to be the laser misfiring. Large swathes of gray bands appear showing partial burns into the black, with picture details of curvature like hair still in continuity.

@OrturTech i have no idea what’s the problem. I tried different scan angles with the same horizontal banding so it doesn’t exactly seem to be the laser misfiring. However at 0 degree scan angle like above, with bidirectional scanning turned off, the bands are much more obvious. However the bands aren’t unburned. They are grey and partially burned with image details inside that show its still connecting the image rather than skipping. Could it be a motherboard issue?

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