Why Has My Laser stopped working with Lightburn

My Laser worked fine Until I tried to get a home made roller to work. After following the Instructions given on line I found difficulty with correcting the accuracy. I plugged directly into the Y socket on the board (no special lead to plug into a stepper lead)

I decided to undo all the settings and just try again later but then found I could home OK but it would Not Jog, it told me that Jog target exceeds Machine travel. I have 260mm on X and 360mm on Y and am asking to jog 50mm after homing. trying to jog the opposite direction X and Y toward the corner I get no message but hear it as if the stepper is moving.

I Home to back right it is easier to place things if it is there than reach over the crossbeam. It was working perfectly Until I tried setting up the roller. I assume I have missed out/or left somethin in that has stopped it dead.

I got it working after changing and rechanging settings both in Lightburn and Grbl. not sure what did the trick but have made a copy of Lightburn and grble settings just in case.

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