Why is my camera out of focos and i cant calibrate it

i bought a nova 51 brand new and don’t know what type of camera came with it. In the email it just says Lightburn camera how do i tell what camera i have. also the camera is really blurry i tried my best to focus it by screwing the lens in and out but cant get it good enough to capture a picture when i try calibrating it

Suggestion if i may
Take a picture of the camera - physically - and a screenshot of what the camera picture looks like (the actual image you can see on screen)

Not familiar with you rmachine but i am sure someone else will need that info to help :slight_smile:

the front and back of the camera and the picture i get in lightburn im trying to calibrate the camera right now but not getting anywhere with it being this blurry

great thanks
Out of curiousity… if you open the camera in the computer normally Or try to put your hand under much closer, can it focus if upclose?

yes if i bring my hand up close to the camera (about 50 mm away) it does focus much better

Are you trying to run the lens calibration with lid open or close?

Again not familiar with your machine but just checking the obvious things

I’m trying to focus with the lid open just like they show in Lightburn tutorial’s

try with it closed, see if it focuses?

Just wondering why would the manufacturer use a camera that cant focus at that focal distance!

with the lid closed the camera dosnt capture the whole bed not even half of the bed and its still not focused

Right! was worth the test.
So there is a possibility the camera itself is faulty. Those cameras tend to be not focusable.

I would be out of my confort zone to suggest next steps so lets wait for mind hive to come to the rescue and offer suggestions

Have you tried it on windows camera app.?
With your hand does it in focus at any range?

just tried it with windows camera app it focus the same as in Lightburn. The only clear image i can get is with the lens screwed all the way on and with my hand about 50 mm away

You camera may have a plastic film over the lens.

Try to remove the protective film

first thing that i checked unfortunately there is no protective film on the lens

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i screwed the lens all the way of the camera and then removed the fixing ring completely and screwed the lens (without the fixing ring) back on to the camera and without the fixing ring i had enough room to screw the lens further onto the camera and i could focus perfectly. Problem solved for now but would like to have the fixing ring on the lens so it doesn’t move around to easily.

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A little dab of hot glue would set it in place, but allow you the ability to adjust in the future.
Of course you could go drastic and superglue it in place, but not advisable, especially as superglue is too liquid and can seep inside.

Hot glue or E6000 would work as an alternative. Both would secure the lens while allowing for the adhesive to be removed if needed down the line.

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I’ll put in a word for the low-strength Loctite 222 mix:

“Low strength” is in comparison to their other versions, so the lens will be difficult but possible to move after it cures.

There’s not much force involved and you want to just discourage any motion. Contrary to their instructions for securing bolts, put the tiniest dot on the lens threads.

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