Why is not fillling the text correctly

Hi there,

I dont know why the text is not fill correctly so i can see it all black, as you can see in the image is fill with lines
Thank you

That looks like you LPI is too high, also that is a preview, that’s typically not how it comes out. Have you done a test piece yet? What are your lines per inch?

I just installed the software and i do not know how to use it very well, my LPI is 254.000.
And yes i have tried it and it comes out not fully filled

Thank you for your help

I recommend this file to a lot of people. It was shared with me and is invaluable. If you want to be good at lasering, this is a good start and necessary to understand in my opinion. If you just want to get a started, he gets to what you need to know relatively quick. You might not be photo engraving but it is still going to help.

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Thanks a lot!! For sure it will help

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