(why) items moved to 0,0? (Fixed)

I have LB running on two computers, burn exporting to GCode.

I have a circle drawn at the center of the sheet:

The GCode generated at my home computer works fine, but the one at work moves it to 0,0 coordinates:

what setting is “wrong”?

Thank you!

In the second image you have imported the gcode into lasergrbl?

Yes, I do, but only to show how/where it is burnt. If I create the same GCode on LB at my house, it will be centered (as expected)

What is your origin set to?

bottom left, it is a CNC laser.

Cant help then sorry. CNCs are an unknown beast to me.

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It doesnt matter, it is a LB related thing :slight_smile:


It was the “laser tab”. It was set to “current position” and it should be “absolute coords”


hahaha that’s actually what I was referring to when I asked about origin. But at least you got there, Great news.

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