Why my laser will not reach pull power

Im using a diode laser 5.5 watt. Grbl controller . In laser GRBL it works fine but in light burn I cant seem to get enough power to do any thing. When I test fire at 20% I get a small dot burn . all of my setting in both the are same between laser grbl and light burn … What am i missing?

check $30 and val s-max in device settings they both has to be the same, or 255 or 1000, i think in $30 you have 255 while in LB you have 1000

Lightburn Common Grbl Setup

" You might need to adjust your spindle max RPM value ($30) to match the LightBurn default (1000) or vice versa. The value in LightBurn is called “S-Value Max”, in the Device Settings."


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