Why my laser works in one software but not in another?

I am new to this and don’t understand why my laser works in one software but not in another. It engraves well in lasergrbl, although it is limited. I’d like to utilize lightburn, but I’m not sure how to adjust the settings or focus the lens in order for it to engrave. It is very important for my business so can anyone help me about this issue?

Hi Joseph: I’m having the same issue. Tried yesterday for several hours to figure it out and gave up. I just ran across this video (LightBurn Tips - Fixing GRBL Intensity Problems! - YouTube) a couple of hours ago and will try it tomorrow. Don’t know if this will solve our issue, but I’m hopeful! Good luck :slight_smile:

Your laser doesn’t even ligth up in LB or what else?

Looking for some clarification, as this is not a typical configuration. Are you using a TopWisdom controller to drive this diode laser system? What Device Profile are you using? How was that profile created, Find My Laser, or did you build this profile using Create Manually?

You mention that you can use Lasergrbl, which makes sense for a normal Neje running Grbl as the firmware. If Grbl is used with your controller, start with this: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

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