WHY?!?!?!? Need a licence? I paid for one ages ago

I have opened my lightburn program and this happens to me:

I need quick assistance, I have paid the licence ages ago, also I am in hurry for project today, also yesterday it was working with ease.
Is that usual problem that will happen more often? Do you working on any patch on it?
Win 7, 64bit.

problem is that I do not remember my licence number as I did put it somewhere and lost it, can you email it back to me please?

You can log into the License Portal with the e-mail you used to purchase the license, and see your license number there, as well as manage the installations, etc.

Thanks Steve,
I tried but needed to reset password as forgot what it was or if ever set any, then still wait for resetting email from the portal. well it will be now 6 hours.
But it is all sorted now as by email I got all I need to sort my issue. Thanks for kind reply and for help.
Top notch service as always. Cheers.

It would be courteous to modify the subject line to ‘RESOLVED’ or ‘SOLVED’.

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