Why the laser only cut tow line in a row

When i stert the prosses the laser start cuting but when cut more than two line the prosses stop and fail

This can occur for many reasons…

You need to give us more information about what you are trying to do, such as your .lbrn2 file and what kind of error messages you receive (cut/paste here)

There are a million 40W cnc type machines out there, what kind of controller do you have in your machine?

Is it a 40W tube or diode (dpssl)?


The error is :
unsupported or invalid gcode command found in block.
On or near line2
Job halted
There is no written name in it
The cnc masine that i am using is Ttc3018s

When the machine first connects, it will give a boot message identifying the firmware…

Can you copy/paste that?

Check this thread, it’s similar…




[MSG:Using machine:LKS DLC32]


i did that and they became three lines

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