Why Two Cameras?

A couple of quick questions from someone new to laser cutting hardware and the neat camera layout feature of LightBurn software:

  • Why does the LB marketplace seem to sell 2 cameras for what appears to be a need for only one HiRes ELP type camera? Is the extra meant as a spare? For a different angle? or just an accident of the illustration provided?
  • I have a machine with a fairly large bed (BossLaser LS1630) and when the lid is closed there is little overhead space. I presume that the camera (once calibrated) is used to layout the job when the lid is opened and can hold the camera high overhead. If someone has a camera mounted in this fashion, is the open door’s positioning repeatable enough to allow for fairly good alignment without having to re-calibrate each time? (practically speaking, we are not talking about production jobs, here)

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

There is only one camera product listed on the store. If you are referring to the fact that there are 2 cameras in that picture, that is just a photograph. You receive exactly one camera module and one USB Cable for it.

I would recommend watching the LightBurn Camera Demo to best understand the functionality:

Within the camera product are different lens sizes, and you will have to make some measurements of your machine and do a calculation to find the right lens angle for your setup. You can consult these resources:

So yes, you are typically using the camera looking down with the lid open to line up your material and design.
Some machines use pegs or screws instead of hinges, and the door can slide left to right. This is not ideal. The gas pistons help to a degree. Check your machine and see how much wobble and repeatability is in the door when you open it.

Thank you. @raykholo

  • So it is just an accident of the illustration. I was a little confused by this.
  • I can do a quick check on repeatability with an inexpensive lo-res desktop camera to see how readily it returns to the same location when open. The BossLaser does have a heavy lid with pistons so it may very well be stable enough for this application.

We shall see. Thanks again.

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