Why wont lines join

Can someone explain why my nodes are not connecting and they are causing a “line open” error? I joined the nodes and even group everything but it keeps giving me the error. i know its probably a simple mistake on my part but it would be helpful to know the correct steps when i break nodes and want to connect again. Ive watched all the node editing videos i can find. Is there an advanced node editing video to teach every detail?

That’s a T-junction. Closed shapes are a single, continuous line, that ends where it starts. What you’re showing above is three lines that meet at a single point. It doesn’t make a closed shape.

Imagine that to fill a shape you have to pour paint into it, and the paint will stop flowing when it hits the sides of the shape. How would that work with the selected shape above?

assuming this is a close up and his shapes are indeed closed… bsmith could you upload a zoomed out screenshot?

A t-junction cannot be closed - it’s not a continuous loop because there’s a split in the path (the T).

Here is what I am having a problem with. I dont want the one fin to be filled differently.

Then you need another shape in there to denote where NOT to fill. I’ve drawn one here in red just so it’s easy to see. Yours would need to be black, so it was on the same layer as the rest:


But won’t there still be a problem with the
t-junction and the error message saying there’s an unclosed area? Is there any way to make those intersections become one continuous line?

You’d have to remove the “tail” - IE, the part of the line that doesn’t go anywhere or contribute to the loop.

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