Why wont the job I'm working on finish cutting?

I ran a material test and it showed the squares, but not the numbers on the sides. I thought maybe that was normal so I loaded an svg file that had 6 parts to cut. It did 4 of the 8 passes to cut and stopped and said busy but never finished and I waited 3 hours. I thought maybe it was the svg file so I loaded a second file the next day and there were suppose to be 3 passes to engrave and 7 passes to cut the next project ( 4 small images), it did the engraving and made a pass around the left side of one image and said finished. I removed the engraving layer and tried the cut layer again ( about 10 times, lol. ) It kept doing the same thing, it would only make one pass on the left side of the same image. I waited hours in between just to make sure the laser wasn’t hot. But the images were only the size of a quarter.

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