Wide fat cuts 3mm+

Just started working again with my Xtool 1 Pro today after a coupe of days off. Everything was working great when I shut it down three days ago. Started a back on a project i was working on and all cuts are wide burns. I cleaned the laser and lenses but it seems to be getting worse. Does the same in both XTool CS and Light burn any suggestions?



Did you set focus?


Unfortunately can’t be that if the geometry is the same as before.
I haven’t measured exactly, but the mechanical focus ajustability range is in the ballpark of +/- ~1 millimeter dot diameter max.
At ~70mm (from the tip of the air assist nozzle to the burn surface) the dot is ~5mm in diameter.

OTOH if the geometry has changed: with or without honeycomb, with or without extension feet, etc. anything is possible, but rather unlikely that one would miss that.


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