Wider lines, how?

My burning life went from a CNC/Blue laser to a CO2 laser, and now going back to a Blue Laser.

I liked CO2 laser lines being “wider” than CNC one.

Is there an “easy” way to draw lines wider? I was thinking about drawing two lines really close to each other…

defocusing is a relatively effective and easy way to get wider lines

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Not bad idea, but then I would have to burn in two steps: one with the (wide) lines, other with the cut.

That’s sort of like two lines close together, isn’t it? I didn’t think that diode lasers had thinner engraved lines than a CO2, but I haven’t had my diode laser working in years.

I dont know how much wider CO2 lines are than diodes, but they are (some one told me once it was about wavelength of both lasers).

I would like to know if there is an easier way, other than copy-paste and moving/resizing 0.1mm

As an example, once I want to fill an irregular shape with a line every 5mm, so I created a “fill” shape and set the “filling” to 5mm each line, and it worked as I want, love it. Perhaps there is something similar that I dont know.

Depends on what your drawing is and how it’s constructed but if you aren’t familiar with the offset tool (alt+o) then now might be a good time to read up on it.

Yeah, I use it a lot. Didnt think about this use. Thank dude!

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