WiFi Bridge issues

I’m trying to set up the Bridge wifi device to my computer, but I’m unable to connect it to my computer.
The pictures show my connections and settings in the Ruida control panel.
I don’t have the Lightburn WiFi listed in my available networks, and so when I go to the the page, the browser doesn’t show anything.
Is this a common problem associated with the WiFi settings or is the device that I have broken or with defects?

I have for the gateway on my Ruida. I remember that the gateway wasn’t mentioned in the setup, but mines working with that gateway address.

It looks like the Ruida ‘thinks’ it’s connected with the ‘Lan ON’ in the display. It also appears LED 12 is illuminated on the controller, which is the Lan active LED. Tough to see in the photo…

This is my controller, the red arrow is the indicator and the ‘placard’ for the Link (connected) and the green is the ‘act’ or activity light. It will toggle when Ethernet talks…

Don’t know if you have any kind of software like ‘arp-scan’ for scanning your network…? Here’s mine from Ubuntu

jack@Kilo:~$ !1809
sudo arp-scan
[sudo] password for jack: 
Interface: enp2s0, type: EN10MB, MAC: 74:d4:35:1b:74:68, IPv4:
WARNING: host part of is non-zero
Starting arp-scan 1.9.7 with 256 hosts (https://github.com/royhills/arp-scan)	90:c7:92:05:83:07	ARRIS Group, Inc.	00:21:b7:8e:15:2b	LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL, INC.	9c:da:3e:f6:d8:49	Intel Corporate
**	b8:27:eb:0b:0f:9d	Raspberry Pi Foundation**
**	b8:27:eb:0b:0f:9d	Raspberry Pi Foundation (DUP: 2)**	04:c9:d9:e5:97:0b	Dish Technologies Corp	e8:e8:b7:52:19:61	Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.	04:c9:d9:e5:97:0b	Dish Technologies Corp	8c:49:62:61:1a:45	Roku, Inc	e8:e8:b7:52:19:61	Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (DUP: 2)	d8:31:34:f7:76:44	Roku, Inc	04:c9:d9:e5:97:0b	Dish Technologies Corp

12 packets received by filter, 0 packets dropped by kernel
Ending arp-scan 1.9.7: 256 hosts scanned in 2.095 seconds (122.20 hosts/sec). 12 responded

Arp-scan may be available for Windows or something similar. You can see the Lightburn Pi bridge. Don’t know why it shows up duplicated from time to time.


I don’t have your controller but I do use a Wi-Fi bridge. It’s the only way to go. I found that not all Wi-Fi bridges work. The one that I found to work great is from Vonets. VAP11G. Good luck.

This one was low cost and used it until I put my Pi to work with the Lightburn software.


The LightBurn bridge is not a simple WIFI extender / bridge. It’s a Raspberry Pi running custom firmware that understands the Ruida protocol and alters it, allowing you to use your home WIFI network with the Ruida, without fear of packet drops. No simple WIFI bridge will do this.

That was my intent.

Sorry, I will make it more clear in the future…

Only posted the link for those that can only afford the $12 and not a Pi.