Wifi SD for Smoothie's TFT

LightBurn Smoothie Device has only USB and/or SERIAL connection options.
I am thinking of adding a WiFI SD card to my Smoothieboard but will i be able to connect LB to it?


There is no support for anything like this in LightBurn.

A wifi sd card just means you can save files to it from your computer, or something else?

I’ve looked it up - never heard of it before. It’s an SD card you can access over a WiFi network, so you could write data to it from your PC. No reason you couldn’t mount it and send data to it from the ‘Save GCode’ box in LightBurn, but you’d still have to connect to the Smoothie board with USB to start the job.

I was hoping i could use the ‘start’ button to send the file over to the controller and start the job like with usb cable in a way that LB cache the stream on the SD card.

Is that the same with, for exp, Ruida controller? you save the file then start it or use Ruida screen to start the job?

@Squid - OctoPrint has some plugins that make controlling a laser workable. Then you could, as @LightBurn suggested, use the “save gcode” button in LB. The main catch to that workflow is that you’d need to setup Samba on the OctoPrint RasPi and then mount that as a drive on the machine running LB. But that’s pretty easy and it’s how I work with my 3D printers for which I use Simplify3D for slicing. In the OctoPi user folder there’s a directory called “watched” that if you save files to they will show up in the Octo UI.
Granted, if you do this then you can ONLY control your laser from OctoPrint since it will be stealing the USB connection to your laser full time :slight_smile:

‘Start’ streams the job to the controller. ‘Send’ will upload it to a controller, if the controller supports having files directly uploaded to it. What you’re suggesting doesn’t involve the controller at all, but a separate piece of hardware that just shows up as a drive on your computer, but happens to be sitting in your Smoothieware device. I can’t write dedicated code assuming people will just have that setup.

Ruida controllers manage all of this through the controller itself - there are commands to upload a job to the controller memory, as well as send a temporary job that gets started as soon as enough of it is buffered. Smoothieware has a way to upload files to the SD through Smoothieware, but the performance is horrible so we never bothered to support it.


Thank you for your elaborated answers

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