Wiggly Lines On X Axis

I’m in need of some serious help.

I’ve never been able to get this machine working 100%. I feel I’m pretty close.

long story short, I ordered directly through china and water got into the freight. There is rust on Y axis rails that I’ve cleaned the best I could. X axis is about 95% fine with a few small spots

The machine is (X)1600mm x (Y)1000mm

In the photo below you can see how it’s mainly the X axis has the wiggly lines. However the X axis barely has any rust on the rail and pretty clean compared to the Y. So I’m kinda stumped if this is the main issue.

If you look at the 50mm/s (top left) circle and look at the top line of the “E” it is most apparent. The wiggle gets less pronounced the faster I go it seems, weirdly.

I know I need to replace the rails but it will take a while to get the rails in from the chinese manufacturer.

X Axis

Y Axis:

I would say it’s a Y axis problem.

A better test pattern may help diagnose the problems:

BacklashTest.lbrn2 (197.6 KB)

The text is a bit janky, but the zero-backlash condition has equal distances between the lines.

For your machine, the abrupt direction changes will show which axis is having trouble. Most likely, you’re seeing a bit of looseness in the laser head or gantry, likely from loose or overstressed screws holding things together.

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