Will it hurt my laser to turn it off and on frequently?

Gweike LC1390N with Ruida controller

I haven’t figured out a way to turn the machine off other than by killing the power with the ignition key.

Is there a better way to turn the machine off?

Which will hurt the machine more:
Turning it off and on a lot?
Leaving it on for a day or two at a time?

I got a 50w with Ruida recently, and have been keeping it on for a week now. So far so fine.

There is no “shut down” command in the Ruida, or any laser controller I’m familiar with. You just cut power to it and that’s that.

I’d rather keep mine running. There’s some theory that said turning computers on and off stressed the components more than just leaving it on/ letting it sleep. That’s gotten better now, but still.

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Computers get pretty hot, and it’s that heat/cold cycle that stresses them. Do these controllers get warm? I’ve never felt around them to see.

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Great question. Nothing feels hot currently. I’ll let it run overnight and check again!