Will Lightburn be able to use CDR. format

Will Lightburn be able to use CDR. format in the future, I see a lot of free designs are in that format?

From https://lightburn.fider.io/posts/197/cdr-file-support

DECLINED LightBurnSoftware
This not possible. Corel does not document their format like the others do. Given how easy it is to export to AI or others from within Corel, this is a high-difficulty / low benefit task.

What I do to be able to use CDR files is I open them in Inkscape and save them as a dxf or svg to import into LightBurn. The CDR format is not documented, so it would be very difficult to add support for it. The Inkscape trick, which is free, works every time.

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Good to know I didn’t know Inkscape could open CDR files, thanks for the info!

I’ve un-declined that request, as I think it would probably be worth pursuing at some point, but there are lots of existing options for this, including InkScape which is free, so it probably won’t happen quickly.

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I think it can be done by export the file to dxf or svg (Ctrl+E)